Treat yourself or a group to a private session where you can have a personalized yoga session one-on-one to deepen your practice, focus on alignment, or achieve your personal fitness goals. 

Individual Session

Tailored, specialized sessions to address your individual needs. You will receive a one hour assisted yoga session that will help you develop conscious breathing, a focus on alignment and the opportunity to be still through meditation.

Pricing begins at $75/session. 

Yoga for Two-Four

Grab your friends and receive a personalized one-hour session for you and up to four people. Group Yoga will incorporate inspirational readings and a time to play with some acro yoga. This is great for a birthday present, a fitness group, co-workers, or just a get together with friends. 

Pricing begins at $100/session. 


Prenatal and Momma & Baby

The connection between mother and baby is unique and special. Prenatal yoga offers expecting mommas a chance to connect with their baby through breath and movement. Take time for yourself to prepare for the beautiful being you are about to bring into this world. And once your baby has arrived, unwind for a relaxing yoga session to continue the connection with breath and movement to find your center at a time of great transition. 

Pricing begins at $100/session.